Filter-Replacement Plans Save Energy Improve IAQ
Managers should weigh certain factors in evaluating air filters. They include: types of indoor and outdoor contaminants present; sizes and concentrations of contaminants; air cleanliness required in the space; air-filter efficiency needed to achieve the required cleanliness; space to install and access the filter; and life-cycle cost, including disposal or cleaning of spent filters, and initial, replacement, and storage costs.

Managers also should factor in savings from reduced housekeeping costs, improved IAQ, improved working conditions and employee health. Since air cleaning and replacement is a continual process, the operating cost and anticipated filter life is as important as the initial cost of the filters.

Varying air flows and velocities across filters have not shown to reduce filter performance. Rather, they reduce the energy required to move air through the filter by a corresponding reduction in the resistance or differential pressure across the filter.

Uniform air velocity across all filters in a rack extends filter life and assures airflow and filter integrity during system operation and filter loading. This situation extends the filter’s performance life and cuts energy use.

Having the right filter in place also improves IAQ. Protecting the most expensive filter with a pre-filter makes practical sense, maximizes the investment, and extends filter replacement time, while potentially reducing housekeeping and maintenance activities.

The air filter or cleaner that contributes the most to curtailing energy use is a clean one. Proper monitoring and development of a filter-replacement plan helps lower energy cost by minimizing filter loading.

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Filter-Replacement Plans Save Energy Improve IAQ
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